VATER - drumsticks & mallets

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Vater is an american company that manufactures drum accessories. It was founded by Clarence Vater and is now run by his two grandsons Alan and Ron Vater. Although the company began manufacturing drumsticks in 1956, Vater officially began production a little later. The first sticks made by Vater were made by Joan (Adams) Vater at Jacks Drumshop in Boston, Massachusetts. 

Vater sticks have more consistency and higher quality workmanship. The sticks tend to have a slightly higher moisture content to create more durable and resilient sticks, although this results in slightly more weight.


Vater guarantees their drumsticks to be straighter, more consistent and of higher quality than all other leading drumstick manufacturers. Vater's Nylon tips are guaranteed not to fall off, crack or break for the performance life span of the drumstick. 100% of Vater’s drumsticks are manufactured in the USA. All Vater Drumsticks are tone and weight matched by computer analysis.

Vater has several wood suppliers and uses the 2 best Hickory species for it's drumsticks which are Shellbark and Shagbark Hickory. Their partners adhere to Vater’s strict specifications and quality terms, providing the very best wood for making drumsticks. Furthermore, Vater's Hickory is stress released which is done by slowly raising the temperature at the end of the drying cycle for 8 hours. This relieves the stress in the wood and produces straight sticks that stay straight.


All wood shavings left behind from manufacturing are used by animal farms local to the Vater factory. Once used at the farms, they are then re-used for compost.  Vater has chosen a waste disposal contractor that is committed to recycling. Recyclable goods are separated and sent for recycling at their sorting facility.

Drumstick Selection Guide:

When looking for a drumstick that best suits your playing style, there are a few things to consider. Straightness, density, tip shape, taper, length, wood type, diameter and balance are all key factors in how a drumstick will "feel" in your hands. Artists use a range of models to express a particular sound or mood in their playing that they cannot achieve with just one stick model.

On this page you will find a breakdown and explanation of all the factors you should consider when choosing the right model.

1. contact point head shapes:

Head shape is the most important factor affecting the overall sound of the stick on drums and cymbals.

- Teardrop tips

> produce rich, dark tones with focused bass.

- Barrel tips

> produce a full, punchy sound. Excellent for louder situations.

- Ball tips

> produce a clean, bright and articulate sound.

- Acorn tips

> produce a full, fat sound with a fast response.

- Oval tips

> produce a broad, central sound due to the length of the head.

Nylon heads

>produce a brighter sound than wooden models and the heads are more durable than wooden tips.