C. A. SEYDEL SÖHNE - harps

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With more than 170 years of experience in the manufacture of harmonicas, C.A. SEYDEL Söhne is the oldest harmonica manufacturer in the world still producing today. A multitude of renowned artists, but also countless hobby and amateur musicians have found their favourite instruments in our harmonicas. In 1847, Christian August Seydel founded the company of the same name, which is still located in Klingenthal, a town that has been famous for musical instrument making for 350 years.

Under the leadership of the descendants of the company founder, C.A. SEYDEL Söhne developed at the end of the 19th century into the most important harmonica manufacturer in the town, which dominated the world market at the time. A chequered history followed in the 20th century, which included nationalisation in the former GDR and subsequent reprivatisation after the reunification of Germany. Since 2004, C.A. SEYDEL Söhne has met the challenges of the 21st century with a completely revised product range. The quality of the instruments has been raised to a new level through years of in-house development work and with the participation of professional musicians.

The use of stainless steel reeds in the top instruments creates another unique selling point on the world market. Due to the improved tone response, assertiveness and durability of the stainless steel reeds, C.A. SEYDEL Söhne was the first harmonica manufacturer to break new ground and change the image of the harmonica from a disposable item to a fully-fledged musical instrument. Production is still mainly done by hand and exclusively at the Klingenthal site. At C.A. SEYDEL Söhne, tradition and innovation are combined in modern harmonica engineering. Fractions of millimetres are decisive for outstanding quality. With the unconditional will for perfection and individual production, the SEYDEL team consistently pushes the development of the harmonica.

Seydel doesn´t produce big instruments, but great ones.

One night at the oldest harmonica factory in the world - C.A. Seydel Söhne