La Mancha - concert guitars

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A modern interpretation of the Spanish concert guitar.

Spanish-style guitars have always embodied a special sound: the idea behind La Mancha Guitars is based on this. In its multicultural approach, the German brand combines modern spirit and innovation. La Mancha Guitars is the perfect blend of German development and Spanish construction.

La Mancha Guitars captivates with contemporary models! Brilliant in shape and sound in all sizes. The models of the guitar lines Rubi, Rubinito, Piedra Preciosa and Romero are named after precious stones and express not only the love for music but also the pure passion for the guitar.

Guitars awarded by the EGTA

Every two years, the European Guitar Teachers Association awards the EGTA seal to selected guitar models. In 2019/2020, 15 La Mancha student guitars were again awarded the "recommended model 2019/2020" by the EGTA.